Don’t shoot! It’s Only My Educated Opinion.

11 Sep
Most Americans aren’t smart enough to vote. Wait! Before you delete me or call me a stupid SOB, hear me out. Most Americans voted for George Bush (the son) not once, but for 2 terms! WHY??
Most Americans voted for Reagan and his costly Star Wars and other such ridiculous ideas that made the deficit skyrocket and Bill Clinton had to bail us out. Ask people why they wanted Ronnie and they usually say because he was an actor, and yet all they can remember is his role in Bedtime For Bonzo. 
Recently I have been watching a marathon about 9/11 on Satellite. I was stunned, appalled and outraged that George Bush was nowhere to be found. In fact, he was hiding out in Florida. So who was at the helm when the Twin Towers was hit? Rudy Giuliani, mayor of NYC. He called the White House for guidance and was finally told that Cheney would call him back. He never did. Bush avoided the Pentagon which also had been hit. He reminds me of the captain on that ship in Italy that sank. He was one of the first to bail out, leaving the people to take over and fend for themselves. Who wants a leader like that who’s more worried about saving his own ass than in helping the American people, even if it means risking his own life?

I was disappointed when Rudy ran for president and did poorly in the ratings. This man walked the streets of NYC amidst the fallen debris,  the suffocating white ash that filled the air, and the possible threat of more terrorist controlled airplanes. He walked, not ran, among the people and helped whomever he could a long the way, and he stayed there. That’s the kind of man I want for president.


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