From Amish To A Life Of Sin

25 Sep

I just watched a TV show called: “Breaking Amish.” It’s about these Amish teens who want to leave their way of life and venture into the world. They have gotten bored with the straight and narrow path. Just minutes into the program, two young Amish males started referring to women as “chicks” and “schanks.”


I was taken aback. This was a bit surprising to hear from the mouth of an Amish person. I found it very offensive. These men also went to a tattoo parlor and a strip joint where they looked up the legs of a female dancer. I quickly decided this is not a show I’d care to watch.. The world views the Amish as pious, religious folks. At one point I had even considered becoming Mennonite which is an offshoot of the Amish. I wanted something that offers a more simpler way of life without the rigidity¬† of the Amish. Further research has revealed that the Amish and Mennonite, by and large, are not heavily into the Holy Bible. They do not hold Bible studies like the other Christian groups do. Each Amish/Mennonite church expresses autonomy and sets up their own rules. These man made regulations are not based on the Scriptures. Nowhere does the Bible teach men cannot have a mustache, that our clothes must be a certain color and buttoned a certain way. Many Mennonites drive only dark colored cars and paint their shiny bumpers a dark color. I became disillusioned by all the rule making and wondered where was Jesus in all of this.

It’s very sad that so many young Amish folks, while leaving the stringent way of life, have chosen to delve into the worst things that the world does. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Especially if the other side is a life of sin.


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