Seeing Judy Everywhere

26 Sep

Yesterday I nearly had a heart attack at Walmart. No, not a real, physical one, but metaphorically speaking. Some of you may remember my former blog at: “Old Love Affair”on WordPress where I  wrote about my year with Judy, my first true love who dumped me without warning or explanation.

The blog was my way of dealing with the pain and finally finding acceptance and moving on with my life. I ended that blog after sharing that year with my readers, although I actually continued writing about the next 2 years and the women I met along the way. It’s been nearly 8 years since I last saw Judy. Feels more like eons ago.

Anyway, back to Walmart. I was paying for my purchases when I happened to look over at the line next to me. A woman and a man, both wearing hats, were also checking out. All of a sudden I froze. It was like my heart just stopped. The woman looked a lot like Judy! I told myself that it couldn’t be possible. Judy has spent her whole life living in a city in another county. She would not be shopping in my neck of the woods in a little hick town. I just stood there staring at this woman, hoping to see her better, but she never looked up. She had the same semi short blonde hair and glasses, although I had never known Judy to wear a hat. I slowly walked out of Walmart looking back a couple of times and then sat in my car for a few minutes watching the doors. The woman didn’t come out. I was disappointed. It most likely wasn’t her anyway.

Every so often I see a woman who resembles Judy and my heart skips a beat. There was one time about 8 years ago, just months after our break up, when I was working at the local Parks and Recreation in the Maintenance Department. I was walking down a long hallway when a woman entered the building and disappeared around the corner to where the offices were. Before I had reached  that corner, the woman  hurriedly walked out. She looked a lot like Judy that I nearly fainted. It’s one of those experiences where you can feel the blood draining from your face. Like when a person thinks they’ve seen a ghost. Unfortunately I couldn’t catch up with her. So I will never know.

I’m getting too old for this.


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