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An Appeal To Christians

30 Sep

Why would any Christian in their right mind vote for Mitt Romney who doesn’t believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and everlasting life? How can you justify it?  Mormons do not believe that Jesus is all we need and that His blood alone is what saves us. Not a church, not a man, not anything but Jesus Christ, Lord, Savior and GOD!

Can any Christian out there answer this? Aren’t you compromising your beliefs? Isn’t it really putting God second? It’s like throwing away the Holy Scriptures by voting for a man who does not believe that the Bible is the uncorrupted Word of God.

Obama may not be perfect, but he believes in one God and Jesus is his Savior. God works through men like that.


From Amish To A Life Of Sin

25 Sep

I just watched a TV show called: “Breaking Amish.” It’s about these Amish teens who want to leave their way of life and venture into the world. They have gotten bored with the straight and narrow path. Just minutes into the program, two young Amish males started referring to women as “chicks” and “schanks.” Continue reading

God Is Not god, One Among Zillions

7 Sep

There are many reasons why I can’t vote for Mitt Romney. Time and space won’t permit me to go through them all. So I’ll just list the most important ones. As a Christian, I cannot vote for a Mormon. Sorry, but I simply can’t. Why? Because there is only ONE God. Mormon’s believe in zillions of gods and that our God just happens to be God of this world. That God started out as a man, yes, a mortal (oh my!), and through obedience he worked his way up to godhood. I cannot imagine having the president of my country believing such blasphemy. Continue reading

Gods, Patriarchs And The Mark Of Cain

4 Sep

When you have been a Christian a long time like I have, it isn’t hard to spot a counterfeit religion. Cults are a dime a dozen and sadly, millions fall for the trap. The one that is the most deceptive because they appear so harmless on the surface, is Mormonism. Unless you do an in depth research into this church’s history, you will never have a clue as to how far Mormonism deviates from true Christianity. Continue reading

What The (*Bleep) Is Nouthetic Counseling?

27 Aug

In a previous post I wrote about a therapy session my wife had with a guy who also happens to be a Christian, but isn’t allowed to do any Christian counseling because he works for a state agency. My wife was looking for spiritual guidance and does not want to leave God out of her healing. A reader shared with me a method of Christian counseling called: nouthetic. I had never heard the term before and did a little research. Although I myself had received christian counseling years ago, it wasn’t nouthetic in nature. The reader mentioned that the focus is on sin and confrontation. Initially I had a negative reaction when I read that. After all, we all feel guilty enough, don’t we? Continue reading

Please Don’t Call God: “Dude”

25 Aug

I believe in God. Wholeheartedly, completely, without a doubt. I do not believe in a “dude in the sky” or “the old man upstairs” as John Wayne once put it. It’s interesting that my wife’s therapist, who happens to be a Christian, has 10 pictures of Mr. Wayne on his wall and only one picture of Jesus. I guess he fears he could get fired if his office looks like a church, or even the office of a Christian man. Continue reading

Worldly Therapy And More, Oh My!

24 Aug

I have received a lot of positive feedback on my previous post about my wife receiving therapy from a guy who say’s he is a Christian, but cannot provide Christian counseling because his employer is a state agency. I have decided to continue with what has been happening since my wife sought out therapy. This counselor, who happens to be a Christian, has recommended her for 3 different group counseling three days a week. In these groups she is expected to discuss openly with total strangers very personal things about her past and present life. Pretty much the same people attend all these groups. They are largely made up of those who have drug and/or alcohol addictions. More men than women. God is never mentioned. So my wife leaves out a very large portion of her life and who she is. Much of what is very important to her. Continue reading