Gods, Patriarchs And The Mark Of Cain

4 Sep

When you have been a Christian a long time like I have, it isn’t hard to spot a counterfeit religion. Cults are a dime a dozen and sadly, millions fall for the trap. The one that is the most deceptive because they appear so harmless on the surface, is Mormonism. Unless you do an in depth research into this church’s history, you will never have a clue as to how far Mormonism deviates from true Christianity. Continue reading


Is Paul Ryan another Dan Quayle?

1 Sep

Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, has been blaming Obama for the closing of the GM plant even though this happened before Obama became president. Actually, it was general Motors who made the decision to shut down. Now Ryan is trying to save face by claiming the plant is still “idle”. What the heck is that suppose to mean?? Continue reading

Gilbert, Young And Typing Class

29 Aug

I flunked typing. Many of you are too young to remember those old clackity clack typewriters. Or perhaps you weren’t even born yet. I bet many of you grew up with personal computers and you can’t even imagine a world without them. Well, yeah, there used to be a thing called a TYPEWRITER. Goodwill tosses out these prehistoric monsters, so don’t bother donating the one in your mom’s attic. Continue reading

Lesbians And Lawn Mowers, A Lethal Combination

29 Aug

This is gonna sound unbelievable, but no matter where I have lived, I always had lesbians living on the same road. This is in the country, not some big city. Once I even had 2 sets of them. One directly across the street and the other pair 5 houses down. I have had several apartments over the years and 2 years ago I bought a 126 year old house.  Yep, there’s a middle aged lesbian couple in a farmhouse almost as old as mine. Continue reading

Annihilate Those (**bleep!) Trojans!

28 Aug

I’m really getting sick and tired of all this hacking, phishing, scams, spams, Adware, Spyware and Trojans that keep eating up my computer. Not to mention all that money I spend to clean it all up when it sloows way down and then crashes right in the middle of a game I’m playing. The other players complain I’m too slow and sometimes I get an error message saying my computer is not fast enough for the game and I get kicked out. Always when I winning too. Continue reading

Mitt And Hillary, What A Nightmare!

28 Aug

I dreamed last night that Mitt Romney became president of the United States. He made us all don holy, sacred underwear. It’s supposed to keep you safe even in the most tragic car crashes where you go through the windshield and smack your skull against an oak tree. I don’t like to make fun of anyone’s religion, but that’s putting your faith and trust in a piece fabric and not in God. Continue reading

I’m As Liberal As Hillary Clinton

27 Aug

I recently found out that I’m as liberal as Hillary Clinton. I took a survey that was in a section of the Sunday newspaper. The results showed that I am very liberal! That surprises me since I’m against abortion and gay marriage. But I am also against helping the rich, i.e. tax breaks and incentives. I have a soft spot and worry about the poor in America. But welfare doesn’t work.That’s already been proven over and over. It’s vicious cycle and seems to run in some families. For them it’s time for self-help. There’s even programs to help you do that which are for short term, not lifelong dependency. Continue reading