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From Amish To A Life Of Sin

25 Sep

I just watched a TV show called: “Breaking Amish.” It’s about these Amish teens who want to leave their way of life and venture into the world. They have gotten bored with the straight and narrow path. Just minutes into the program, two young Amish males started referring to women as “chicks” and “schanks.” Continue reading


The Plain People

9 Apr

There was a time when I seriously thought about becoming a Mennonite. I was getting sick and tired of the divisions among Protestants.¬† Of liberal pastors who preach liberal sermons and produce¬† lukewarm congregations. I like the values the Mennonites espouse. The clean, simple living and plain clothes. Although many have regular jobs, some still live off the land which I believe was God’s original plan for man. To till the soil and harvest your own food. To grow herbs for their medicinal properties. Then I discovered there are different sects of Mennonites as there are different denominations, ranging from ultra conservative to quite liberal. There used to be a very liberal Mennonite church near my home. The people wore common, everyday clothes and they even had a band. I checked out their website and sent the pastor an email, but never got a reply. When I drove out to the church, it was nothing but an empty building that at one time had been store. Continue reading