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From Amish To A Life Of Sin

25 Sep

I just watched a TV show called: “Breaking Amish.” It’s about these Amish teens who want to leave their way of life and venture into the world. They have gotten bored with the straight and narrow path. Just minutes into the program, two young Amish males started referring to women as “chicks” and “schanks.” Continue reading


Does God Smile Upon Rain Dances?

23 Jul

Have you ever wondered how God must feel about the different world religions? I’m not just referring to Hinduism or Buddhism, although I did ponder a bit at all the religious icons and decorations when I was in a Chinese restaurant the other day. How about the “religion” of the natives in remote countries who believe certain animals or foods are sacred and have miraculous properties? Who paint their faces, cut their bodies, act like warriors and perform bloody rituals to appease the gods? Who believe that man can return after he dies, even as an insect? Continue reading